with the development of the Internet, more business opportunities are gradually revealed. In recent years, more and more people found the e-commerce market Xinjiang nut cake shop online has become more and more popular. Turning to the shop, we first reaction is Taobao. However, now Taobao electricity supplier market has developed to a bottleneck period, the majority of sellers reaction, and now more and more competition in Taobao shop, business increasingly difficult to do.

1, the increasingly fierce competition, only a few shops can really make money. />

if it is in the Taobao store part-time to pay a deposit, and find their own supply, it is better to shop at the mall for college students, do not pay any fees, also do not have to spend too much time to find sources, just a few minutes to store merchandise goods library to upload their own shop business, this not more time? In addition, the store opened shop in college students and all the shopping malls are responsible for after-sales service, the real owner of the shop to provide a simple, easy to make money platform.

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