Remember that

should be started from the second half of 2007, the term "non mainstream" began to pop up, I do not know what is the non mainstream, in the Baidu search one, probably understand what is non mainstream, imitation of others, also built a non mainstream website non mainstream front until now.

is now mostly non mainstream sites, and QQ associated with the content are pictures, photos, PS tutorials, QQ signature, QQ data, QQ space code such as similar, attract users are mostly 90, traffic is not small, but the revenue model is still single.

1, alliance revenue

is the most GG ads, see all the non mainstream websites almost GG advertising is the mainstream, you know, the effect is good, the second is Baidu, Ali this alliance, of course, the effect is not GG. There are 360, sub submit such a registered advertising, the registration of the class of more and more serious, it is not good to do.

2 and PS picture service module design

to help users PS pictures, QQ space module, Taobao, Pat has a lot to do this, a picture of a few dollars, a few flash templates, more expensive, the market is still there, mining more difficult, if not do art professional, the best is to give up.

3, open shop

Non mainstream things related to sell

, set up a shop or hang in Taobao or pat, non mainstream clothing, accessories, very popular, it depends on how you operate, if not their own goods, can also go to contact the purchasing. Personally feel that it can become an important direction for the development of non mainstream websites.

above are some non mainstream sites are used to make money mode, I think the future of non mainstream sites is still very large, because the non mainstream sites attract is 90, after 90 become dominant, when non mainstream, if our website in the future direction of the development of the first step (just as hao123),

will become the mainstream of the future!

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