to write this article, declared a bit, I am a technician of a 3D animation and CG Global Market Research director. After reading this article, I believe that I would like to do long-term development of friends who have some help.

to talk about the unpopular industry website, it should be said that the production of three-dimensional animation technology exchange station. You search, there are few can develop, and I also believe that there are few webmaster contact, and are blindly doing what the movie station, beauty station, Download station. China’s movie station, beauty station, download the number of stations really according to the world’s first, search engines are also every day K these stations, K confused.

to ask you a question: what is the 80s we watch cartoons? Basically is a puppet, shadow play, followed by two-dimensional animation, in 90s began a large number of Japanese animation into the domestic market, twenty-first Century to now started into the 3D animated "Kung Fu Panda", like "Madagascar" etc..

why? This is a development trend of human living standards, from food and clothing to a well-off life, from the visual, taste, touch and constantly improve. Today you, on the vision, the traditional comic books have been unable to meet your vision, traditional puppetry, shadow play, two-dimensional animated cannot meet your vision, this time we should have a more visual impact of something instead, that is three-dimensional animation.

I don’t know if you found a problem, in recent years, when you pick up the TV remote, is not 10 in Taichung has 3 Taiwan’s cartoon animation, why? Because it is a national cultural development, countries are now vigorously support the animation industry development, since the strong support and there will be a lot of people to join in this industry. The company has been recruiting, universities are constantly opening up professional now. But it’s still not enough. The newspaper, the news and the anime talent are missing all day. How many millions of people are there?


is very strong in 3D animation with the visual impact of the product, what we see Adsense? What can we do to have large quantities of open animation professional institutions? What do companies all the animation production staff? This is a long-term business, 08 years of data show that the animation talent in the steady growth.

look at the key words upset my station: what is CG CG, the history of the development of animation, CG production, CG front, alien CG animation, basically in the search engines are the top three, but its flow in a steady rise, why, because this industry in hot rise and optimization! It is also quite easy, less competitive.

I personally feel to do with the development of the station, like to buy a stock, it is not the charts, but the management system of the company and his products on the market demand in the future, so your website will bring you more traffic. Some small >

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