last week, a friend from Beijing, said an industry B2B website to recruit personnel introduced me to do CEO, an old friend yesterday in Hongkong BILL students have a website is looking for talent, let me do CEO, in fact to see such opportunities, sometimes really very seductive, but now for me and I refused.

now is my most important how to make money online (  ) bigger and stronger, although there are many temptations in the face of temptation, but I know how to refuse, although the friend said he reserved shares in money online, and then to other company to do the occupation managers, it is every 2, but at present so, I choose, often 2 head not, because I left the money online if there is no money estimate the momentum of development, I have been positioning themselves a grassroots entrepreneurs, rather than an occupation manager. I might not be a manager. Because I’m weak.

do everything at the same time, as entrepreneurs and managers, the most critical must be focused, single-minded and persistent in order to succeed, business is even more so. In the operation process of the money online, I found myself there are too many shortcomings, and the ability also greatly insufficient, so make up and learn desperately through money online platform, continuous progress, competition is fierce, to succeed in the fierce competition, the ability is very important, and often with my own experience, previous experience has not let me greatly improve the ability, so I must be in the money online platform to quickly improve their ability, if other companies do now to go directly to the occupation managers, I am sure enough, did not meet the requirements of ability. I am not only responsible for myself, but also responsible for others.

I think the most important thing is to have self-knowledge, too blindly confident people are the most unreliable, I think my ability and occupation accomplishment is not enough to become the company’s CEO, my ability and level now, for the early start, do some things, instead of standing in the management level do management. I am short of managerial ability. At the same time, even if I go to another company as a professional manager, I will be more suitable for some small start-up companies. For big companies and big projects, I need discipline to get that.

concentration and focus to money online, to do better, this is the most critical. It is also a result of years of failure. They are doing the occupation managers must also be Zhuanzhu, single-minded and insist, ability does not reach the occupation managers or the height of the CEO is willing to accept this job, because accept, can bring greater harm to themselves, any kind of high character, must have sufficient experience and ability and experience, if no temper so much, just do CEO, will only do good project miscellaneous bad.

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