studies the importance of user interface design by classifying the different requirements of user interface design and the impact of UI design elements on user behavior. Interaction has become the goal of design in network interface design. In order for the design to meet the usability requirements, a comprehensive understanding of user characteristics and diversity requirements is essential. This requires finding the right way to record and implement a wide variety of user requirements.



interface is the medium by which people interact with objects; in other words, interfaces are new faces that designers give to objects, [1].

1. Classification of interface design

(a) interface design based on functional implementation. The performance of the interface interaction design is the basic function and the use, through the interface design, allowing users to understand the function of the operation, and will be more smooth transfer works information to the user, the user, is the basis and value function of the interface exists, but because of the user’s level of knowledge and cultural background is different, so the interface should be more internationalized, objective reflect the works information.

(two) interface design with emotional expression as the focal point. Through the interface to the user a kind of emotional transmission, is the design of the true art charm. When the user contacts the work, he feels the emotion and uses emotion to express the emotional relationship between the work and the user. Of course, there is a unity of certainty and uncertainty in the transmission of emotional information. Therefore, we are more emphasis on the emotional experience of the user in contact with the works.

(three) interface design based on environmental factors. Any interaction design works can not be separated from the environment, and the surrounding environment has a special impact on the design of information transfer. Including the works of their own history, culture, science and technology and many other aspects of the characteristics, and therefore create an atmosphere of the interface environment can not be ignored a design work, which we need to turn off the lights when watching movies is a reason.


two, the component elements of the interface

The two physical interfaces between the keyboard and mouse of

computer are the most traditional components of human computer interface, but these gradually become the limitations of the development of human-computer interface. Because human beings can not integrate information and data freely into the active human imagination through the keyboard and mouse, it makes man feel alienated from the human-computer interface. Interface how to go beyond the keyboard and mouse limitations, further expand the interface between the digital system and human, and make the digital system really enter human life, and become the interface design research direction at this stage.

act as an interface. Henry See long term research on the ability of computer information organization. His work, "attention", Regard emphasizes action >

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