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] twisted core tip identification verification code and not distinguish human beings, so the designer should be how to change the verification code? In the mobile device may be the upcoming verification code is how to design the


what is the verification code?

In the eyes of ordinary users

verification code is definitely a nuisance, especially for myopia users, we do not know why we always have to repeat input letters and shapes that are difficult to identify. However, when we think carefully, we will find that this complex verification code is one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

if you give the definition of a simple definition of code, that is: the verification code is the computer used to identify whether the operator is human tool. The verification code will usually use some form of lines and irregular size characters, or text it can only be made by human beings in order to answer, this advantage is the use of the site verification code can effectively prevent spam using machine repeatedly posting or registration, avoid malicious code breaking, brush votes, forums irrigation and other phenomena the.

"inhuman" verification code


we use the Internet more or less will meet the need to enter the verification code, we have gradually become accustomed to those difficult to identify the input text, but it is undeniable that the process input verification code is very painful. The voice of users who want to correct this phenomenon is always present.


is currently in the mobile device input verification code is not uncommon, but with the development of network security awareness and strengthen the mobile Internet, the verification code appear in the mobile terminal is inevitable, then verify the identification code defects of high difficulty and low accuracy of the input will be directly exposed to the user, so we can end with a a simple and efficient way to replace the traditional verification code? The answer is yes.

clicks instead of typing

when entering the authentication code in the registration forum, we must first visually distinguish the text displayed in the verification code box, and then enter it into the submission box through the keyboard. If the authentication code we entered is incorrect, it is likely that we will face the painful process of re entering the password and confirming the password, and then continuing to identify the verification code, which is by no means a good user experience. And recently, Baidu Post Bar removed the verification code input box, replaced by the selection box, this is a stunning design!



use the mouse to point to feel absolutely comfortable more than from the keyboard input, but also eliminates the need to switch the input method and trouble finding keys. After we click on the four character, if the input is correct, the system closes the screen and tells the input to succeed. If the input is incorrect, the pop-up will continue. Such a design will give the user a simple, both rational and perceptual

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