is now the rapid development of Internet technology, the development of technology of search engines, the public Internet, civilian Internet is becoming increasingly popular, but those who come into contact with the network of friends all know, at the beginning you do not know what the website to go to, also do not know what the website, and certainly do not know how to go to the site. As a result, some web site navigation websites came into being. Among them, "hao123" is the most familiar leader.

first of all, I would like to say the scale of navigation. Must it be big? Now most of the navigation sites will advertise that they have included thousands of websites that are known to be in the process of increasing. In fact, we think we know, how many people will enter the "not to mind taking the trouble every corner time-consuming to find them to the site in the Internet? How many people can be tolerant in everywhere. The page is too much to stay? An action I want us to do more or in the home page and click on the website that we often go to the left, then regardless of the navigation network. In my opinion: navigation site only two to three pages is good, this is what I see in many communication group in the navigation do not say anything else, just look at the domain name is very arrogant, but the navigation is popular, I think it will be more navigation users in the shortest time in love. (1) the domain name is good to remember. As long as you can know the telecom, you’ll definitely play the 2 pinyin. Two, in fact, this is the cooperation with telecommunications navigation, that is, the so-called potential stocks.

website content to update: after the site to have content, you should always update, and some garbage sites, websites without content, want to borrow famous navigation, hang some trojan website, delete in time. The users to the site navigation is to find the things they need, if not found, or did not find a good website, for users, the website will lose its attraction to him, also lost (such as: a viscous after recruitment sector, in 123 there I found a connection, Suzhou talent but the open market website website. Incredibly inside the content or a few months ago, and even for these owners do not have a good site to operate, we help it propaganda, no matter how good it is useless. Websites like this should be deleted in time.

web site recommendation: in the first row of the website, you can recommend a really good site recommended to everyone. Let everyone believe that the good 123, so that users feel good 123, "has been doing it attentively, all for the user", these should be considered the content of the site planning. It can also be promoted in millions of squares, and although the mega grid is not successful in China, I think there is no innovation, and it might be better to do it in a vertical search. It is not easy for a user to find things in one million compartments and find what he needs.

so, we do navigation website, also need to have user experience, also let the network after civilian, can become >

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