[Abstract] in Mao Wenchao’s view, the key to attracting users is to move users and meet their core needs.

"our Slogan is’ finding good things abroad.". Little red book hopes to help 85, 90, these represent the next generation of China’s consumer groups, to find the world’s good things."

as a 100% mobile Internet Co, the little red book APP combines the community and electricity supplier features, users can share or find through the community, Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and the world’s good products. Products through the "Welfare Club" function, to provide users with a good buy electricity supplier channels.

below is the conversation between Mao Wenchao, founder of Zhi Xin and little red book:

how does little red book attract female users, especially in the "post 90s" group? "Red explosion"?

currently 90% of our users are women, 50% of whom are 90. In my opinion, the key to attracting users is to move users and meet their core needs.

simple, enhance the young generation consumption ability Chinese, hoping to find some more, lifestyle and his own life to cognitive commodities, but in the domestic counter category of Goods Co., Taobao and other platforms are more dragons and fishes jumbled together sellers, consumers want to buy a global commodity.

even if shopping abroad, shopping knowledge is relatively scarce. For example, I used to go to the drugstore in Japan, but because cannot read, the language of cosmetic limited understanding of other reasons, even know that there are a lot of good stuff cosmetic shop, but did not do their homework in advance, it will not start.

first meets the needs of people who have been shopping abroad before, to share shopping experiences, or to live abroad and tell them what is worth buying.

we’re also constantly learning ways of thinking about women: "joining the wish list is like buying something", "even if you can’t buy that much, you’re constantly adding a shopping cart."". In the process of continuous learning, we find that girls do a lot of homework in shopping, and the sum and share of shopping knowledge has never been done before.

so I think the right time to provide a right product for a right crowd is the reason why the little red book moved users. The so-called "red explosion", just because at a specific point in time (such as June 6th), we have done a series of market activities, so that more people know us, understand us. In fact, before that, there were already many 90 women using the little red book and silently liked us for a long time.

red book was founded early on how to grab the user, the first batch of users how to come,


has been out of the country, and shopping is an important trip, so you need to do your work before you go

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