Internet is not strange, and many enterprises and friends began to enter the Internet marketing website from their products, buy domain name, buy space, step by step over, also is in the website but there are so many friends made a website in the Internet marketing way is lost, not earn money and constantly harassing phone calls every day, whether you need to make the promotion of greetings. Today, rattan design for everyone to write a new topic, perhaps it is so long has not been everyone understand the secret, why do website marketing good people do not like to use Baidu statistics, why


some friends very puzzled, obviously my promotion is basically by this giant Baidu, and 360 other search engines is my website to get a small flow, why today is here to say a lot of rattan design website marketing do good people do not love with Baidu statistics? In fact, these friends may not clear Baidu why is the statistics exist, why service.

of course, here is not to say that no rattan design allows users to use Baidu statistics, but you should know the running time of the site, to complete the construction site, experience status and data capture in the testing stage can use Baidu statistics to analyze their site rate, if all good can no longer to use Baidu statistics. Just an ordinary webmaster statistics function can, although the data is not very detailed statistics to Baidu very accurate, but as long as you can get the user visits, time period, keywords, import rate. So why not recommended for a long time to use Baidu statistics? Because Baidu itself is through the code "spider" to analyze the amount of code paths and rules and visit your site than the moment, if you are using other Baidu webmaster tools, access to data is fuzzy, fuzzy ratio for new sites is the best display form. Baidu will take the initiative to data mining and differences of your sexual content, but if the moment your site has been Baidu statistics for every minute, then he can detailed statistics to the actual data of your site and user experience situation, which leads to the ranking drop right. There is one point, Baidu statistics is a tool for the promotion of Baidu, you will use Baidu statistics Baidu will know that you are care about the data and rankings, so Baidu customer service can be very effective to call you to ask whether you need to do Baidu promotion and other services.

why ordinary webmaster tools can be? Because when we do Internet marketing in fact we have more time to do is the user experience, we just have the value on the content and information issued by the user is, whether is worth paying attention to it, so as to adjust its. If the user experience isn’t good enough, you’ll need to think about whether the content is good enough, or because of a framework or a web page or browsing problem.

so in the end there is an old saying, Baidu statistics when Baidu promotion is indeed a very precise website data analysis tools, but for a marketing website, do you want to apply for a long time, still need to.

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