, he’s the youngest generation of entrepreneurs on the mobile internet. In 2012, he left the business from the UC game center business leader, from Beijing to Guangzhou alone, the creation of the 8868 hand travel trading platform (8868.cn). In the recently concluded dark horse race TMT industry finals, he with a clear and mature business model and Baidu vice president Zhang Dongchen won the "best mentoring title."". In the mobile game rapid development of the tide, he through the original CBC embedded trading model, in just 1 and a half years, will be 8868 to create, monthly trading water million hand travel trading platform. He is the 8868 hand travel trading platform (8868.cn) founder and CEO season. Recently, the dark horse will TMT branch, WeChat large group invited to season to share.

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, we have only two founders team. I was UC nine travel platform business leader, as a core member, to participate in the overall development process of UC, but also in the platform, game products and the overall operation has done some accumulation. Our CTO Li Yang has 10 years of Internet development experience, leading the development of nine clients and applications vertical search platform. At present, the team has developed to about 70 people, of course, in order to provide 7*24 hours of intermediary services, our customer service accounted for about 25 people. It is worth mentioning that, we also made a breakdown of customer service, including complaints, advice, sales, customer service, delivery staff in three directions, which is a special form of travel agents in the decision.

I chose to start my own business from UC, based on my consideration of my personal life and my consideration of market opportunities. I am not a complacent person, love new things, so when they are young, entrepreneurs choose to challenge themselves. Moreover, the attraction of hand travel market is also huge for me. From the PC end of the tour market, in 2013, the country’s largest end of the tour trading platform 5173 annual turnover of more than 10 billion of the water, its water accounted for 1/5 of the 2013 end of the tour’s top 53 billion of revenue. This proves that offline transactions are one of the core requirements of users. At present Mobile Games certainly not up to the end of the tour, but in combination, Mobile Games users of the game more time, more simple way to buy (direct mobile phone whenever and wherever possible the purchase and payment of universal value and equipment) money is far lower than the PC end of the tour. Therefore, the development potential behind this market is very huge. It also made me choose to join the entrepreneurial tide in this area.

The biggest advantage of the two tier

transaction is that it is cheaper than the official direct purchase, which can attract people to buy, otherwise the user will recharge the game directly. However, this is precisely a tour of the immature performance. Looking at the end of the tour, the end of the tour trading market transactions are mainly non binding equipment and game output currency, recharge money can not be traded. This kind of deal actually has a big boost to the game

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