took the mobile Internet boom, many enterprises began to carry out a variety of mobile marketing activities, including the APP marketing, with its unique advantages in many ways of marketing talent shows itself, become a magic weapon for rapid rise of brand building, the small and medium-sized enterprise, enterprise deeply loved, but there are still many enterprises due to the just released app by improper operation strategy, causing it to be shuffling out in the mobile application of the tide, so just for the start-up of the app how to operate, what are the operating strategy, this issue, six suggestions are given the following small series.

1, accurate positioning,

this is a topic that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, whether app or site should do the positioning in the early stage, but there are still a lot of product designers to ignore this problem, to know the location of new product is as precise as possible, what function to meet the needs of what what scene households, this operation for enterprise products the late great help. Such as: video class mother community, can be defined to provide their own service is the use of video to guide the way to treasure the mother let the baby eat healthier "theme of the statement is simple, clear, not only illustrates the products in the promotion of the selling point, also target user attributes clear product.

2, low-key work,

mall like a battlefield, a little inattentive is likely to die, there are many veteran operations on the Internet, their operating experience is very rich, like the Internet in a lot of good products, when you see them everywhere brush financing information, estimated home before the half have been melting money, they are basically they will only up to (or even already melt into the next round) money, only made public this round of financing. In short, the IT ring keeps a low profile, and a high profile will expose your product prematurely to the product manager’s radar, attracting too many competitors to join and increase competitiveness.

3, easy to operate,

for a professional specialist to know, APP application function is not the more the better, not the more complex the better, but more simple, more easy to operate better, because each day time is limited, however, is still very much in the Internet app development often reference station the application of the market more excellent app, the app content of many, many activities, many functions, integral system users are like, then some will go to the founder of the tragedy is asked his team to do a lot of columns and functions, and the final results not only delay the app application of the on-line time, still do not have access to the user love.

4, clear operational objectives

target will have power, operating according to the different stages of the development of different targets, which is more conducive to the normal operation, is conducive to better define the purpose of each stage, and then combined with the corresponding index, put forward different assumptions on the operational direction. Such as: just app application, just on line, >

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