Acacia community: small community business growth process kingly way

, how many years have you been in the web? I grin, "my website is almost full.".

but I’ve been thinking about how a community should operate so that it can really appeal to potential users.

There are a lot of flourishing

community, but as a personal site, or a small community, want to make the world, such as Sina or ChinaRen, West Temple, the community is obviously not realistic, truly worthy of imitation and learning are small, professional community. My initial idea was to make a regional dating site, the theme of love and marriage. Despite the large dating sites, similar communities are rare, and one of the biggest attractions of my vision is free, and the other is a rigorous review of a real dating network. But in the process of popularizing this idea, I can not help denying it, at least it is unsuitable for the early stage.

so I analyzed some successful small communities:

a NBA basketball community. Initially, the community because the basketball community NBA is hot, of course, silver is also very attractive. So what is the attraction of this basketball community? First of all, there is real value for the starting point of the website. There are quite a few people in China who are concerned about NBA, and a large part of it can be said to be fascinated by it. So do the community must choose to have extensive user direction; in the final analysis is widely used to provide resources, such as pictures, music, video, games process, and so on, even I don’t have a fever for a basketball, see some resources or spirit will lift it. The advantages of the station operating content, the second aspect is that NBA is a constantly updated, continuous events, so the service of the site and the needs of users have continuity, net viscosity is necessarily higher.

the second thing I’ve been looking for is a web site that offers high-definition video downloads and technical support services. Providing constant service, simple promotion, and timely updating is almost easy. If the station removes regional restrictions, it can grow wider and larger.

third sites, is a franchise of second-hand IBM books regional web site, my book is on the site to buy. Professional, technical, honest, and honest, these core things constitute the success of their sales, and almost become the first choice for many people to buy second-hand books.

fourth is the Chinese headset forum, I occasionally browse to the site can’t believe there are thousands of people online, small headset, high quality music, CD, rich in content, can almost become a paradise dream music fancier.

these websites positioning, content, services, are real, and therefore content, originality, service is king. We don’t need to promote, just positioning and service.

More than

is only a personal analysis of the community management, maybe I can’t see the forest, but…

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