from the university to the business, from the station to sell a year of painstaking efforts Xianlin network. Junior year began to do the station, seeking cheap, in the sunshine Internet Registration promotion org, but also only org for me to register. In 06 years in November registered the domain in 07 years began in May as a station, after 2 months, the first sell advertising, 1000 pack years later, more and more advertising revenue, in December sold the website of money, advertising revenue sword 5K, which has been very satisfied, because the investment is small then, the virtual host and the cost of the domain name, do not add up to 1000. In December, I had only half a year left to graduate from college. I might leave the place where I studied and lived for four years. It intends to sell the site, find the same type of webmaster in Baidu, the price of 10000 yuan to play 5% off sold the website, but the domain name transfer to a problem by the sunshine Internet pit, again under serious contempt.

, after graduation, used to lazy me, not happy to find a job, but also unhappy, for the poor wages, tired, alive. And friends to engage in the game industry, specifically not say. Is an enduring, there are people inside hundreds of thousands of millions of money game. Oh, * * * too late, can only make a little petty profits, now is not good to do, and have gone. In Taobao, start the game virtual currency and the account of the seller, not bad, one day one hundred dollars. But this is not a permanent solution, business is good or bad. Well, I haven’t married my wife yet. No car, no room, no one to Kazakhstan, or make efforts to make money quickly.

thinks of doing a website again. May be love, I want to do a Xianlin net, by chance, found the domain name fell (last year being registered, the person in the A5 place to write a soft Wen, I and my Xianlin network! I registered), renewals for 5 years, this time will not be lost. Google included very soon, as station for second days included. Baidu died slow, and now only included the home page. A query, found that the PR value turned out to be 3, just made the station, how can it be so high?. I think the man should be the last station and extension of the results. But strange, oh, from the expiration to I pick up again, there are 3 months. During this period, the PR value does not drop? Curious strange ha, but anyway, for me, is a good gift. When exchanging friendship, you have the right to speak.

some time ago, a same type of webmaster came to me, said to cooperate, ask just know, is the school’s three university students. Talked for a long time, and finally insisted on their own miscellaneous meters to do the main domain name, and finally let it go. I asked him, kaixin123 and Kaixin knew, No. finally, don’t be married to Kaixin like kaixin123. Talk to him in his disdain, so funny, said again what forum, showed me the forum TOP100, I say this small? He’s proud and arrogant said to do SNS, finally than school, or.

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