told me about my first experience of cheating. I spent 3 years in college in my spare time, and now I’m out of school and came to social college. When I was sophomore, I became interested in the website, and I began to work on the website. Because of the heavy study time, it was gradually forgotten. Until I left school, I finally got the time to get the website.

, but I don’t want to invest too much, so I think of the idea of "standing by the station", that is, to help other stations post to earn some money in their own web site!


so I put into the job posting for the webmaster hand in the ranks, beginning in the recruitment area had a job posting, then God guxinren had been contacted! Remember that more than 12 points at midnight. There is a QQ named "don’t have money, I have to say I started ahead! What price, patch number, time and manner of payment of all say it


and then he started to turn his back on him. It’s about 100. It’s already a little bit more. I stopped and looked at it. Then, I’ll check with the station where I posted it.

! see the domain name owner but didn’t think so much. He is a liar! You do! Time to pay I made him pay! That is my hair 200+ paste! Casually asked how to ignore people! When I was in my head for a long time Mongolia! Only one word "caught" I Speechless! Actually have such a black head? What do not want to go directly to my posts are deleted.


I in the webmaster nets, outdated post that he is a liar! Another day! In the personal information at the forum, someone sent me Short Message, a look at the subject "wronged", who showed the identity: he is also one of the victims said they cheated 50. I was dizzy, you cheated, cheated ah! Come and tell me what is the use of crying. Puzzled when the sentence came: "we are victims, that is my web site.".

has that stationmaster to sue that swindler to cheat him 50 yuan, originally he acted as intermediary role. And the webmaster here said he want to post to him, and then find me, post to him, so that second days to find the webmaster settlement, of course not me. I am out of power and not get paid! And what is the webmaster did not get, I was wronged


since that is in the past, I was in front of others to post, call the webmaster, first let me see the domain name ownership certificate, open the remote, not much time, so that two parties are assured


is the first time I write, write well but also hope you bozhuan.! Nothing we see a joke! A liar QQ:447502811! The name Xie Haidong, Zunyi! The phone number is 13984982524. Alipay: [email protected] > please

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