Xu Xiaoping said helplessly, I have voted for the two entrepreneurs, they have a ebullience told me is to find a talent, he divided the 20% stake, will help a career, but I would rather baffling to stake diluted by 20%, they are very sincere, do this do can you tell me first, can let me press the red handprint? You do that is illegal, and I wrote Xinyi words to tell them this is wrong.

intentionally damage the advertiser’s money?


The problem of the

discovered a problem when he browsed sh419 website today, and I was very curious…… I wonder if sh419 was hacked,


curious…… Edit comment:


rule is the process of the game between entrepreneurs and challengers. Chinese entrepreneurs and investors are like Chinese and Americans who just opened in thirty, and neither of them trust each other.

found that click here to connect directly to the Chinese YAHOO home page of http://s.cn.yahoo/. Usually here is the main promotion of sh419. How did you all jump to Yahoo today,

market is still relatively late, this set of rules at home just before the introduction of the more than 10 years, my biggest difficulty is that we know how each rule must explain the sequence of events, the rationality of the rules.

entrepreneurship 90% will die, so happy is a small number, most of them are not happy, I have half of the project, it lost, I will give it second money, it has no money, I will lend him money.

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, or did you work with YAHOO, China? After landing here:

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I recently had a

may fail in doing things, but not in doing.

credit is invaluable to entrepreneurs. It’s normal for companies to die, and success is not normal.

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Xu Xiaoping said with a smile, there is a word, so I’m still water runs deep, clever laugh, sporadic applause why don’t we applaud applause

in the afternoon of GMIC, Xu Xiaoping and Lei Jun discussed the trust relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.

entrepreneurs almost closed, I thought about it, he borrowed, I voted 1 million 500 thousand, accounting for 15%, then I borrowed 500 thousand registered capital, I urge it, also 200 thousand, but I still lost 1 million 800 thousand, you borrow money from me, my heart is not comfortable.

Xu Xiaoping chipped in: "can you push GDP?".

Xu Xiaoping said, 2006 I was doing VC, he got A round, my friend, I want to vote, but the people and the third parties are not willing to, I can not say to have nothing to do with, but the heart is not comfortable, after meet you heart is also. As an example, my lawyer and I agreed to give priority, but the lawyer added, "we’ve been arguing for over two hours," and finally the lawyer said, "are we a gang?".

angel is not a fool, is the essence of Liuhe color, a friend to start, a dozen friends syndicates, if successful, is a Tencent, if lost, when is the support of friends business.

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