first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A Greek artist who calls himself Stefanos has been hacking euros, sketching images of the economic crisis in Greece onto banknotes. “Over the last five years the economy has hatched violence and social decay,” he says.“I’m using a European document, that is in cross-border circulation, to bomb public property from the comfort of my home.” The notes depict lynchings, people collapsing and mass hysteria, while the project was kickstarted by news of a suicide. “I always use black ink ball-pen and draw human figures using headlines from the media, whenever violence or poverty is reported, I transfer the message on the medium.”Stefanos scans the notes, posts the images on his website and then puts them back into circulation, messages in bottles that may wash up on the shores of northern Europe. “A currency should reflect the reality of the era it represents,” he says.Stefanos’ day job is in a design consultancy. Many of his Greek clients export high-end food and beauty products to Western Europe and the US. There are big brands among his European clients. He apparently worked on the redesign of Piraeus Bank’s corporate identity. As he admits, his ‘bombs’ are thrown from relative comfort.“I didn’t vote for SYRIZA,” he says, “but I do, to some extent, agree with some of their positions. The media is oppressive and misinforms. It would be wrong to talk about SYRIZA’s actions without considering our lenders’ position.”Source: London Review of Books bloglast_img

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