first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Activist and member of the left wing ANTARSYA coalition in Greece, journalist Katerina Thoidou, was in Melbourne earlier on this week, where she addressed a number of meeting at the Democritus Greek Australian League, at the Trades Hall Council Building and at the University of Melbourne. Her speeches were about various aspects of the current multiple crisis in Greece and in Europe. Talking about the resistance of sectors of the Greek society to the austerity measures of the government she raised the issue of the continues strikes and occupations, as a result of the shrinking of the public sector economy. She made special reference to the occupation and the continues broadcasting by its sacked employees, of the Greek state run National Television and Radio network ERT, which was officially shut down by the government two months ago.Amongst others Thoidou raised the issue of the antifascist struggle in Greece and called upon the Greek left to respond to the radicalisation of the Greek working class, as she said. She also criticised the two main left wing parties in Greece. The Greek Communist party is a sectarian party she stated while SYRIZA, the main opposition party today in the country was accused of drifting to the right since there is “an open perspective of a coalition with the Independent Groups a split New Democracy party.Katerina Thoidou is in Sydney this weekend participating at the Conference “Crisis, Resistance and Revolution: Ideas for a world in crisis” that is taking place at the University of Technology.last_img

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