first_imgIf you’re one of those geeks in the world that is obsessed with being able to control their environment via a mobile device (and really, that’s most people), then you’ll want to take a look at this cool new hack that is depicted in the video above.Using an inexpensive LED kit from IKEA, the people at Open Picus have created a way for you control the colors and intensity that the strip displays via a webserver that can be accessed over WiFi. Whether you’re looking to gain the edge in your neighborhood’s yearly holiday light contest or simply trying to add some geek-cred to your dorm room, this hack is something you should take a look at.The process to make this happen is relatively simple, requiring you to know how to solder and be comfortable compiling software from source via a step-by-step walkthrough on the Open Picus wiki. The project does require you buy some additional hardware, namely a Flyport WiFi Makerkit, which will run you about $100 as well as the kit from IKEA making your total investment to be around $130.By removing the factory installed micro-processor and replacing it with the FlyPort, you’ll be able to interface with the LEDs via the Open Picus IDE software, which is a free download. Controlling the LEDs is very simple and even better, totally customizable. By modifying the code via the IDE you can control the length that each color is displayed, or even add to the number of colors to be displayed when a pattern is running.Open Picus is something of a European equivalent to the US based SparkFun, it’s a company that sells hardware development kits for people to learn and explore electronics. If you’re an aspiring geek that wants to learn about electronics then this would be a great project to start out with.Read more at the Open Picus bloglast_img

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