4. Hypo Niederösterreich400483:137(-54)0 3. FC Midtjylland420298:100(-2)4 2. Larvik4301121:105(16)6 2. CSM Bucuresti4211106:89(17)5 GROUP D:IK SAVEHOF – MKS Selgros Lublin 27:24ZRK Buducnost – CSM Bucurest 23:23STANDINGS: GROUP B:FTC – Thuringer 32:28Fleury Loiret – RK Podravka 19:17STANDINGS: 4. Hypo Niederösterreich400483:137(-54)0 3. FC Midtjylland420298:100(-2)4 4. RK Krim Mercator4004101:137(-36)0 GROUP C:GYORI Audi ETO KC – Hypo 37:16FC Midtjyland – ZRK Vardar 15:25STANDINGS: 1. Rostov-Don4400111:92(19)8 3. HCM Baia Mare4103108:107(1)2 2. HC Vardar4301118:91(27)6 PHOTO: Rostov Don website 1. Györi Audi ETO KC4301114:85(29)6 1. Györi Audi ETO KC4301114:85(29)6 2. HC Vardar4301118:91(27)6 4. MKS Selgros Lublin400489:125(-36)0 ← Previous Story ROAD TO FRANCE 2017: Austria, Latvia, Czech Republic and Netherlands on 100% Next Story → NO KARABATIC, NO FRANCE: Denmark win Golden League 2015! 3. IK Sävehof420298:106(-8)4 Russian TOP team Rostov Don stayed the only on 100% after Women’s EHF Champions League Round 4. Russian girls outplayed, once again, Romanian Baia Mare 27:26 to stay at the top of the group ahead of Norwegian Larvik HK, with whom will fight for the pole position before Main Round.CSM Bucuresti were on the brink of away success in legendary “Morača” hall in Podgorica, but at the end, reigning champions played 23:23 with the Romanian girls led by Kim Rasmussen.Here are the complete results of Round 4:GROUP A:Rostov Don – HCM Baia Mare 27:26Larvik HK – Krim Mercator 32:28STANDINGS: Women’ EHF Champions League 1. Buducnost4310115:88(27)7

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