anaitasunaAragonarandaBarcelonacangascuencaGranollersguadalajarahuescapuerto saguntoValladolid ← Previous Story Champions League: HSV, Veszprem, Zagreb and Gorenje win tonight Next Story → Bundesliga (Round 6): Minden takes a point in Goppingen In the 4th round of the ASOBAL league, Barcelona showed that us that they are not even little tired after the game against Kadetten Schaffhausen, and have totally destroyed Puerto Sagunto on their own field with 34:15. In the other games were the following results:Guadalajara 31:29 Valladolid, Anaitasuna 23:27 La Rioja, Cuenca 30:30 Huesca, Cangas 25:32 Aragon, Villa de Aranda 31:26 Granollers

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