why enforcement? Even if know how good skills, not to perform, talk only, what’s the result? And is not a simple implementation, to persist and reflection. Shanghai dragon in this way, once selected, please make a stubborn efforts for their own


in the occupation on the road, the exchange will make progress, human thinking is not the same, in some industry exchanges, we must learn to take the initiative to become attached to, take the initiative to share and humbly ask. Looking for the progress of thinking in others thinking, but also thinking of others to learn to filter absorption, avoid foolish imitation, because they are only responsible for sharing, thinking through the practice of family income, while he just heard, not necessarily suitable for themselves, so communication is very important, the blog is to exchange the principle of sub.

accumulated life experiences make us different view of the world, why not the same people? Some people are good, but some people take a wrong step, a bad person? This is the different life experiences, create a different person, if all the same, this world and what fun huh? Talk! Far, Shanghai dragon is the same.


implementation of


operation and technique

talked about the harvest, sometimes feel that they do so long Shanghai dragon, always feel no harvest. But to determine the harvest, the harvest is very deep. Luo said: every life come into the world, are destined to change the world, this is your fate, you have no choice. You can make this world a better place, or make this world a worse place. Whether the harvest is successful, is still not achieve the results you want, keep trying to find the direction to go all the way, will meet a better future.


life experience

learning is everyone in life, less essential courses, but often can not find the correct way of learning. Sometimes, they do not have to head broken and bleeding, harvest, life rarely encounters a good teacher. Nick has stressed that fate is very important, please grasp the opportunity to meet. Shanghai Longfeng operation and skills are simple things, you can buy books, can also go to the Forum (love Shanghai Webmaster Platform), can also go to the training class, but stressed that, people just teach him to fish ", rather than" delegate to fish". So the skill is the most important part of.

regardless of the industry, learning is a very simple technique and operation, is mainly a matter of time? Back to Shanghai dragon industry, operation and skills are easy to learn, and Shanghai dragon industry is the most easy introduction to the Internet industry, unlike some to write code, written procedures and so on, it to establish English understand on the basis. Shanghai dragon industry, many novice in, out of the veteran also, doing fine little. That is why Shanghai Longfeng optimal thinking comes from life? Please see below

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