By Julie JohansenA concerned citizen approached the Emery County Commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday regarding a change in the Board of Equalization guidelines. He disagreed with the Emery County Land Guide that states that if a buildable lot has two or more utilities, it should be assessed the same as if it had full utilities, but a buildable lot without utilities value is set at 50% of the assessed value.The county assessor stated that it is used across the board for everyone and has been for several years. The commission made no comment while Emery County Attorney Mike Olson replied that it is the practice at this time.Business licenses for Bowdy Steele Hunting and Pampered Pets Salon were also approved during the meeting. Next, a yearly 2019 Emergency Management Performance Grant was accepted as a cost share agreement with Forest Service regarding Family Friendly Trails signage. The funds for this cost share grant will come from the tourism budget.Emery County will be hosting a wellness clinic for employees on Oct. 30 and 31 in Castle Dale and Nov. 1 in Green River. This will include $30 flu shots for full-time employees. Spouses and children may participate if they choose and pay a $10 co-payment. This clinic will utilize Emery Medical Center and the cost to the county will $250 for 98 full-time employees. This cost will include vision test, BMI, blood pressure check, lab test and a follow-up visit. Also, any full-time employee who participates in the full clinic will receive four hours of additional vacation time.

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