1 and high quality

relatively simple method is to get through the small details of some layout, or add a few copies of the pictures, by the high rate of. If your connection when the hair is that advertising is connected, no matter how good you get content but also through the. If so, you can improve your pass rate, take the time to upgrade the account. Do the Encyclopedia of the job, there is a requirement to pass rate in more than 85% of the task, so the start should be simple to modify the entry, improve the pass rate.

to create or modify the entry

there is a little trick is, you search for dishes encyclopedia, what Braised pork in brown sauce, Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil such practices, add a few materials or the finished map map, can pass, is very simple, is a good method to upgrade the account. General 2 days can Wikipedia to upgrade to 4, and account pass rate in more than 85%, at this time to connect with the most effective, because your account has a position of authority, so connected by the rate will be much higher.

love Shanghai encyclopedia that needless to say we are very clear, get some connection weights to improve the effect of Wikipedia website is also very obvious, but the Encyclopedia also has a certain degree of difficulty, the share several skills yourself encyclopedia summed up to you.

the chain a Wikipedia account get more, I suggest you change or an account, or someone to report your entry connection, all entries you edit will be re examined once identified advertising account, before the efforts were in vain, but also leads to the chain the instability of your site is very bad! It’s best for an account issued 5 connection, for an account, a number is k if there are other in

2, modify the format, typesetting, typos, Cato

then advertising too obvious, audit people look at a few words are outside the chain of the same website would be submitted with the word will not give you several times, and are being returned to you, your account may also be included in the blacklist, will has no connection with the entry.

!5, do not rely on The If you The weight of

4, don’t put all your egg in one basket on

user experience is the main, if you love Shanghai no follow>

transition Encyclopedia

you get more rich content, with the greater the probability of connected by. When editing Wikipedia, the manual is not own original content, as long as you can find, get rich, good entry, then write detailed modification reasons there, let people know you a lot of effort, it is very easy to pass. This can get a high quality of the chain.

3, not a one-time submit some connection entry

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