Rabat – Released in early April, the Good Country Index ranked 153 countries based on how they contribute to the greater good of humanity. Morocco ranked 77th in the most recent edition of the index, which was developed by British independent policy advisor Simon Anholt. Morocco ranked second in North Africa, fourth in the Arab world, and eighth in Africa.South Africa topped the list of African countries, followed by Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Malawi, and Senegal. The United Arab Emirates ranked first in the Arab world, followed by Tunisia and Kuwait. Globally, Finland ranked first, the Netherlands second, and Ireland third, whereas Mauritania, Libya, and Iraq held the last three spots, respectively.The index measures what each country provides to “the common good” and what it takes, relative to its GDP and size. According to the index, a good country is “a country that serves the interests of its own people, but without harming – and preferably by advancing – the interests of people in other countries too.” The results, drawn from data provided by the UN and other international organizations, rank countries in seven categories: Science and technology, culture, planet and climate, prosperity and equality, world order, and health and wellbeing.Morocco’s rankingsAccording to the survey, Morocco ranked 37th in prosperity and equality, 47th in science and technology, and 61st in health and wellbeing. Within prosperity and equality, Morocco ranked well due to its open trading policies and the UN volunteers it sends abroad. The number of international students in Morocco, accumulated Nobel prizes, and number of articles published in international journals contributed to its ranking in science and technology.However, the kingdom ranked 82nd for culture, 100th in planet and climate, 105th in international peace and security, and 129th in world order. In international peace and security, Morocco ranked poorly due to low contributions to UN peacekeeping as well as its contribution to “international violent conflict.” With respect to world order, Morocco was rated poorly due to the low percentage of the population that gives to charities and refugees hosted.The index began in 2014, and since then Morocco’s score has fluctuated significantly. In 2014, Morocco ranked 67th, but subsequently ranked 80th in 2016, and then gained more than 30 places to rank 44th in 2017.The goal of the index is to start a global conversation about how countries can serve the needs of their own citizens, while supporting the wider world. In the end, the researcher hopes people reflect on whether their country exists “purely to serve the interests of their own politicians, businesses and citizens, or are they actively working for all of humanity and the whole planet?”

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