Rabat – Kaymu.ma published its first report based on Moroccans’ e-commerce tendencies.The online store analyzed the shopping behavior of 500,000 visitors to their website within the last two years.The study revealed the age group that buys the most online is that of people 25-34 years old, followed by those 18-24, and in third place, people aged 55-64, accounting to 3 percent of the users studied. Kaymu.ma revealed that 58 percent of transactions made online were done by men and not women.Casablanca came first in online shopping, followed by Rabat with 39 percent and Marrakech with 10 percent.E-commerce in smaller cities is less common but still accounted to 13 percent of the total, according to the same study.As far as how these purchases are made, 55 percent of Moroccans use their personal computers, followed by the use of smartphones, mostly iPhones and Samsung mobiles, via 4G signal.The most commonly bought category of items, among the 500,000 shoppers studied, were those classified as high-tech articles, Kaymu.ma said.Clothing items and shoes ranked second favorite, and in last place were kitchen items.

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