Rabat – The French police are investigating the case of a Moroccan woman who is believed to have left the country with her French husband and four children including a 1 and a half month old infant in order to join the ranks of Jihadis in war-torn Syria. The woman, identified as Jihane Makhzoumi from the Villefontaine town in the region of Rhone-Alpes, reportedly left France with her husband Eddy Leroux, her two daughters from a previous marriage, their one month and a half old baby and her husband’s 3-years-old daughter Jana from his Moroccan ex-wife Ilham Tarbouni.Tarbouni told the French media that her daughter Jana went missing since late August. She said that her ex-husband Eddy, a Muslim convert who changed his name to Zayad, told her that Jana will be travelling with him and his new wife Jihane to Morocco.The 3-years-old JanaHe was supposed to bring her back on August 29 to start school but they have disappeared ever since.“Eddy was radicalized for many years,” says Fatima, Ilhams’ sister. “He wanted to leave France, the country of infidels as he was describing it. He was so furious when she (Ilham) enrolled Jana in school because he feared that she might learn about Gender Theory,” she told LaRep.com.Jihane Makhzoumi’s ex-husband, Abdel Hakim Labriak who does not have custody over their two daughters, suspects that his ex-wife might be part of a jihadist network.Jihane’s latest post on Facebook dates back to August 16 and it’s about the construction of an ‘orphanage for Syrian refugee children in the Graziantep region in Turkey.’ An initiative launched by association Hayat, which advocates on its website “the establishment of the Caliphate in the holy land.”Ilham Tarbouni filed a complaint in the city of Orléans and an investigation was launched for subtracting a minor to a foreign country, while Makhzoumi’s ex-husband filed a complaint in Vienne in south-eastern France.“We knew in the late morning that the entire family, two adults and four children, had actually left the country and flew from Switzerland to Turkey, then a domestic flight to the Turkish-Syrian border,” Matthew Bourrette, public prosecutor in Vienne said at a press conference.For his part, Yolande Renzi, Orléans prosecutor confirmed that the family bought tickets from Istanbul to Gaziantep, a Turkish town near the Syrian border.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed

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