first_imgIn the latest bid to attract bakery students, Sheffield-based Castle College has undergone an exercise in creative publicity.Picking up on the media attention surrounding a TV advert, in which a Skoda Fabia is created out of cake, bakery students went in their whites to the launch of the real Fabia car in Sheffield.Last Friday, bakery students took a photographer to the Skoda garage and posed with the car, re-enacting scenes from the advert.Bakery tutor Chris North said: “We sent these pictures to the ­local press to make youngsters aware that there are local bakery courses available and potential employers aware that qualified bakery students can be found at our college.”As an industry, we need to ­attract more youngsters.”last_img read more

first_imgDirectors have powers to take majority business decisions on behalf of companies. As such, various duties are imposed on them to ensure that the companies’ interests are protected.The Companies Act 2006, which will be fully in place by October 2008, codifies directors’ duties into a statutory statement of seven general duties, the first of which takes effect from 1 October, 2007.These changes will bring benefits to companies. But it may well create confusion in some areas and may result in more claims being brought against directors in the short term, as dissatisfied (minority) shareholders armed with a new statutory right of ’derivative actions’ could bring test cases. A ’derivative right’ is the right of a company member to bring a claim on behalf of the company against a director in respect of a director’s breach of duty or negligence.Directors now have a duty:1 to act within their powersDirectors should exercise their powers, normally derived from the company’s constitution, for a proper purpose. The scope of a director’s powers may also be affected by the terms of his service contract and other contractual terms, such as may be contained in a shareholders’ agreement.2 to promote the success of the firmThe Act imposes a duty to conduct oneself in the way a director considers, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the company. The director is required to bear in mind several factors, including: the long-term consequence of the decision; the interests of the employees; the relationships with suppliers and customers; the impact of the decision on community and environment; and the need to act fairly as between members of the company.3 to exercise independent judgementThis is a duty on a director of a company to exercise independent judgement. Here, a director must first exercise judgement and secondly, he must exercise that judgement independently.4 to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligenceThis describes the degree of ’care, skill and diligence’ expected from a director. It means that a director who has more experience, knowledge and skill will have a higher threshold in discharging this duty.5 to avoid conflicts of interestThis applies to a transaction between a director and a third party. The Act makes it easier for directors to enter into transactions with third parties when directors’ interests conflict with company interests. Such transactions can be authorised by the non-conflicting directors on the board.6 not to accept benefits from third partiesUnder this, a director is not permitted to accept a benefit from a third party by reason of (a) his/her being a director or (b) his/her doing or not doing anything as a director. Benefits cover both monetary and non-monetary items.A director will not be in breach if the acceptance of such a benefit cannot reasonably be regarded as likely to give rise to a conflict of interest.7 to declare an interest in a proposed transaction with the companyThis requires a director to disclose his/her interest – and the nature and extent of that interest – to the board of the company when a transaction is proposed between a director and the company. Disclosure also extends to a person connected with the director – for example, his wife or children. – Christopher Sykes is a senior partner at Sykes Andersonlast_img read more

first_imgLondon flour miller GR Wright & Sons has appointed Julian Woodgate to its board.Woodgate has been technical sales manager with Wright’s for five years and will take over from Chris Wyle, who retires as technical director after 14 years. Wyle will continue working on a part-time basis.Woodgate’s responsibilities will continue to include quality control, new product development and value-added sales.MD David Wright said: “I am sure Julian will do a great job following in the footsteps of Chris and wish him every success.”last_img read more

first_imgA branch of Cooks the Bakery in Rustington, near Littlehampton, Sussex, has been fined £5,000 in a food hygiene prosecution brought by Arun District Council after a customer complained.A senior food safety officer from the council visited the shop and found mould on a chicken sandwich.Chichester magistrates were told that further investigations showed food was not being stored at the correct temperature to prevent harmful deterioration and contamination.last_img

first_imgTis the season to be jolly, especially for bakers as consumers line their cupboards, and stomachs, with mince pies, stollen, Christmas cake and brandy-soaked puddings. But will the recession signify a change in the traditional indulgence of the festive season? And will consumers follow the current trend of choosing traditional products they know and love?Fudges managing director Steve Fudge points out that doing well at Christmas isn’t just about selling Christmas products. “A lot of it is about innovating and developing products that will excite,” he says, “but just selling new products isn’t enough any more. The type of eating occasion is also critical.” Dorset-based Fudges matches its products up to different occasions, such as Christmas drinks and nibbles, with suggested tipples on the packaging, whether it be port or coffee. As well as eating occasions, he says, the ’sharing’ selling point is also a big marketing opportunity, but gifting is by far the biggest. Fudges sells gift-wrapped boxes of mince pies, which have a ’to and from’ tag on, to be given as presents. He suggests that craft bakers looking to capitalise on the opportunity of selling their products as gifts can offer a wrapped option, with a gift tag.Christmas is a big trading time for all – and especially for the supermarkets, which start planning their new range before the dust has settled from the previous year. As well as the traditional offering of rich fruit cakes and yule-logs, innovation is still very much on the agenda. Asda will be promoting a number of sweet treats aimed at children, such as a Sleeping Santa Sponge Cake. It will also be launching a Colour-in Christmas Madeira Cake, which is supplied with edible-ink pens, so that kids can decorate it themselves, and is a first- to-market says a spokesperson for the retailer. “The biggest change, from an in-store point of view, is our Extra Special Mince Pies, which will be in-store from 13 October. We’ve changed the recipe and they are now deep-fill. Also this year, for the first time, they will be fully baked in-store.”Sainsbury’s has “completely redeveloped all of its mince pies”, and will be using a more traditional recipe mincemeat, as well as new-recipe pastry, explains a spokesperson for the firm. It has also launched a new 12-month matured Champagne Christmas pudding under its Taste The Difference range, and will be launching a few new festive cakes, including a family orientated non-fruit Christmas cake.Tesco’s Christmas bakery range features a Santa & Parcels and Christmas Tree Square fruit cakes. In its Finest range is a Toffee & Pecan Crown, a Nut Cluster Cake, deep-fill and mini mince pies and an Iced Rich Fruitcake and Matured Christmas Pudding.Morrisons says that among the highlights of its range this year is a Stollen Loaf, produced in-store. “We have only ever sold pre-packed before, but our in-store bakers are now being trained to produce the Stollen Loaf fresh,” explains a spokesperson for the supermarket. Also available will be a Fresh Cream Chocolate Yule Log, Christmas cupcakes, a Chocolate Orange Gateau, and a Santa Sponge Cake.Waitrose has redeveloped the recipes for its all-butter mince pies and stollen bites and slices. It revealed it would also have a range of cakes with brand new designs, all of which will be free from artificial colours and flavourings, but said it was too early to go into more detail.For craft bakers, Lisa Boswell, marketing manager at BakeMark UK, says Christmas is a time when consumers are looking for both new and traditional cakes. “Theming your sweet selection is a sure way to uplift sales during this key period,” she says and suggests using traditional inclusions, such as almonds, cranberries and cherries, to give products a festive feel, as well as ’fashionable’ products such as cupcakes.In terms of other trends, Melanie Somerville, ADM Milling marketing manager, says that following on from the current trend of individual portions and cupcakes, ADM believes consumers will continue to treat themselves with individual portion-size indulgences. She suggests bakers could try a new take on a Christmas muffin, for example. “Add fruit mince in the middle and finish with cinnamon on top for a festive alternative to the mince pie,” she says.Macphie suggests craft bakers start selling novelty products as early as October, as well as making sure they use seasonal window displays to tempt the customers in. The ingredients manufacturer also recommends carrying out in-store sampling, as well as emphasising the hand-crafted nature of their products.—-=== Christmas focus on… WC Rowe ===One craft bakery that has its Christmas range all wrapped up is Cornwall-based WC Rowe. “This year we’ve looked a lot at our old range and how to revamp it,” explains new product development manager, Nick Brown.It launched an individual Dundee cake last year on a trial basis, which sold really well, so this has been revamped and will be launched on a much fuller scale this year, says Brown.”It’s also the first year we’ve made our own mince pies. We’ve had problems with our tart machines, but we’re back to making our own.”The company launched a range of Christmas tarts last year, with a traditional mincemeat recipe that sold really well. So this year, it will add a brandied Christmas tart, with infused cranberries.Brown explains Rowe’s has also developed its own take on a traditional turkey sandwich, using a sage-and-onion bread as the carrier, and will be selling a special-edition sausage roll – a Christmas cracker sausage roll – with a high meat content. As well as sausage meat, it will contain turkey and bacon, along with a small cranberry element.Rowe’s is also launching new seasonal cupcakes. On offer this Christmas will be a Black Forest cupcake, banoffee cupcake, snowball cupcake and a Christmas pudding brownie variety.Brown says Christmas has always been about traditional flavours, and although consumers will be wary about costs, he has no doubt they will still want to indulge. “You’ve got to get the balance between a really good offering but at the right price,” he says. “Hopefully if it’s in an interesting format, that will attract people.”—-=== New product snapshot ===ADM Milling: ADM is launching a Rich Fruit Cake Mix for the festive season, which can be used to produce a wide variety of Christmas lines. Bakers only need to add water and fruit to the mix to produce seasonal products such as Christmas and Dundee cakes, individual portion slices and even Christmas pudding.Fudges: Its range includes Mini Mince Pies and a Twelfth Night Cake, as well as its Fudges Biscuits for Cheese Selection. Its Mini Mince Pies are made with a soft butter pastry, rich mincemeat and a frosted sugar topping. They are no bigger than an inch across and are sold as suggested petit fours. The Twelve Night cake has been developed from a stollen recipe, devised a number of centuries ago. The cake was divided into seven pieces, one containing a haricot bean – and whoever found it became king for the evening.Southover Foods: The firm is launching a new product from Higgidy, ready for Christmas. Its Herby Sausage Roll with Bacon & Leek is the latest addition to its range. It is made from lean pork shoulder, which is coarsely ground with smoked bacon, sun-dried tomato, leek and herbs, then rolled in puff pastry with crumbed parsley sprinkles.Gü Chocolate Puds: The desserts firm will be promoting its Gü Chocolate Cake, which has a moist chocolate sponge with a creamy chocolate ganache, made with 53% cocoa chocolate. The firm says its Gü-ey Fondant Torte is a good alternative to Christmas pudding, and its Gü Naughties, available in chunky Rocky Road, Gü-ey Choc Sponge Rolls or Millionaire’s Flapjacks, will be sold in tubs aimed at the snacking market.last_img read more

first_imgCompetition in the supermarket bakery sector is set to intensify as fast-growing discount chain Lidl rolls out in-store bakeries (ISBs) across the UK and Ireland.The German retailer, which has over 580 stores in the UK, has already completed stage one of the project, installing ISBs in 75 stores in its north east sales region, bringing its total number of outlets with ISBs in the UK to 90.It now plans to roll out the concept to other sales regions in the country. Lidl is also opening ISBs in the Republic of Ireland, with most of its 130 stores there expected to have a bakery by the end of the autumn.The roll-out will put further pressure on the major supermarkets, which are already growing more slowly than the discount chains.According to Kantar Worldpanel data (12 weeks ending 10 July 2011), Lidl’s sales are growing at 15.6% compared to just 5.6% at Morrisons – the fastest-growing of the traditional big four supermarkets.Matthias Queck, a Frankfurt-based research director at research company PlantRetail, said that Lidl’s ISB initiative followed similar moves by the retailer in other European markets.“Lidl sees ISBs as a tool to attract more affluent customers and a step closer to offering a complete one-stop-shop for people,” he said. “They help move Lidl into the mainstream because consumers are used to seeing ISBs in supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s.”After piloting ISBs in various location around the UK last year, Lidl began installing bakeries in its north-east stores in January. Stores are supplied with frozen, parbaked products from Lidl’s distribution centre in Newton Aycliffe, Durham.The range includes bloomers, multigrain loaves, tiger bread, stone-baked baguettes, pumpkin seed rolls and all-butter croissants among others, with prices generally slightly below those of the big four supermarkets. Further lines will be added later this year, said a spokesperson.Products are baked off on rotation, using Wiesheu ovens at least four times a day. “[This ensures] maximum freshness for our customers, whether they visit our stores first thing in the morning or on their way home from work in the evening,” said the spokesperson. “At Lidl, we believe in giving our customers a fantastic range of fresh products of excellent quality. Bread and pastry products baked in-store daily is the next step.”According to Kantar Worldpanel, total sales of bakery goods in ISBs grew 1.9% year on year in the 52 weeks to 11 July, while volumes fell 2.9%.last_img read more

first_imgFood and non-alcoholic drink exports rose to more than £12bn (£12,152.4m) in 2011, according to the Food & Drink Federation (FDF).It said the 2011 results showed an increase of 11.4% on 2010, which had been a record-breaking year for food exports.Export growth has been fuelled by a strong performance in new and emerging markets, including Eastern Europe and the Far East, explained the FDF.China entered the top 20 export destinations for the first time with a 55% increase on 2010, partly due to changing tastes and an increasingly Westernised diet. South Korea increased by 37% and Hong Kong by 41%.Established non-EU markets also performed well, with exports to the US rising by 25% between 2010-2011. The non-EU share of the £12bn total was 23% compared to 77% for the EU. The UK’s traditional EU customers also remained loyal, with Ireland remaining the top export destination closely followed by France and the Netherlands. Dutch interest in UK products increased, with a 30% rise echoed by Belgium (29.9%), and Germany (15%). Melanie Leech, FDF director general, said: “While the domestic market is growing at a steady rate, we are seeing very strong performance from food and drink exports. There remains considerable interest in British heritage brands and around our health and wellbeing innovation. Companies understand the importance of developing new markets, competing successfully in many cases against other experienced exporters in France, Germany and Spain. “We were delighted to work with government on the export action plan, launched earlier this year, which should be of benefit in particular to SMEs, which are by far the biggest sector of our industry and have the potential to grow in existing and emerging markets.”last_img read more

first_imgIndianaLocalNewsWeather WhatsApp Pinterest Pinterest (Photo supplied/ABC 57) STATEWIDE–Torrential rain, strong winds, and isolated tornadoes are all severe weather threats that could reach Indiana Tuesday because of Tropical Depression Cristobal, says the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.For Severe Weather Text Alerts from 95.3 MNC, text WEATHER to 45364“Basically anywhere from noon until 10 pm would be our most likely threat. We’re going to be keeping a close eye on things during the afternoon and evening hours Tuesday,” says Joe Nield, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.Nield says every part of Indiana needs to be ready.Your ABC 57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather Center Forecast“Pretty much all of central Indiana will be affected. The western half of Indiana will be in the highest threat area, but eastern Indiana is still going to have a threat as well. You’re going to want to have your plan in place to take action in case a warning is issued on Tuesday,” says Nield.All of western Indiana is under a slight risk for severe weather. Cities and towns east of Indianapolis are under a marginal risk.A slight risk means scattered powerful thunderstorms are expected. While storms may be short-lived, they can be intense. A marginal risk means isolated thunderstorms are possible.Cristobal was a Tropical Storm before dropping to a Depression. A tropical depression is a tropical cyclone that has maximum sustained surface winds (one-minute average) of 38 mph or less. Nield says the ever-changing nature of Cristobal has him concerned.“What has been changing is the degree of expected instability as we get into Tuesday. That has increased our threat. The low-level shear that is already in place is kind of setting the stage for what could be a severe weather outbreak across the area,” says Nield.Nield says the thunderstorm threat decreases overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.“We’re not expecting a severe weather threat on Wednesday, just some continued breezy conditions and precipitation exiting the area,” says Nield. Strong to severe weather possible due to Tropical Depression Cristobal Google+ Facebook Previous articlePenske: Indianapolis 500 will run with fans this yearNext articleOne person hurt in shooting on East Ewing in South Bend Network Indiana Google+ WhatsApp Facebook By Network Indiana – June 9, 2020 1 397 Twitter Twitterlast_img read more

first_img Twitter Meetings set to inform residents about proposed Hivley railroad overpass Pinterest Previous articleThree people hospitalized after crash at SR 23 and New Road in St. Joseph CountyNext articleGasBuddy: Stimulus deal could mean increase in pump prices Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. WhatsApp Google+ Facebook Facebook (Tommie Lee/95.3 MNC) INDOT and City of Elkhart will host two opportunities to inform residents and solicit feedback about the proposed Local Trax Railroad Overpass at Hively Avenue.A virtual Zoom meeting, including a presentation, is set for 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 20, via The meeting ID is 923 9796 3027, password 664032.An in-person public open house is also set for 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22, at Zion Missionary Church Gymnasium at 1135 E. Hively Avenue in Elkhart.The purpose of the virtual public meeting and open house is to provide an opportunity to learn about and comment on the proposed half-mile Local Trax Railroad Overpass at Hively Avenue on the southeast side of Elkhart in Elkhart County. IndianaLocalNews Google+ Pinterest By Jon Zimney – October 20, 2020 0 372 WhatsApp Twitterlast_img read more

first_img By Tommie Lee – March 26, 2021 0 146 Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp Twitter (Sam Householder/Elkhart Truth) R.V. manufacturers experienced had their best February ever…Total R.V. shipments ended the month with more than 48,000 units, an increase of 30% compared to February 2020, according to the R.V. Industry Association.The Elkhart Truth says the report shows that the industry is on track to build more RVs in 2021 than in any previous year. Towable R.V.s, led by conventional travel trailers, finished the month up more than 30% with nearly 44,000 wholesale shipments.Motorhomes ended the month up more than 20%. It’s the ninth month in a row that RV shipments outperformed the month from the previous year. Pinterest WhatsApp Google+ RV industry has best February ever Google+ Facebook IndianaLocalNationalNewsSouth Bend Market Facebook Previous articleSearch warrant at retailer on Portage Avenue results in confiscation of drugs, alcohol, gun, cashNext articleMarch Hometown Hero #1: Shelby Coppens Tommie Leelast_img read more